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Our firm and affiliates uses cookies. These cookies are used on the website, and are present in other online media such as social media, and contact forms.

The Use of Cookies

Our website uses cookies, and pixels, the purpose of these cookies is to differentiate users of the website. Allowing cookies promotes a more customized user experience.

What are cookies?

Cookies are data which are stored on a PC on the computer, by the internet browser, which are capable of storing information about a person’s interaction with the site. GOOD LAW INTERNATIONAL uses cookies. Cookies identifies which pages you visit, and helps to record information about the user’s personal preferences. The data which is gathered from the cookie is then used by Google, Google analytics collects information which are derived from cookies.

Our Cookies can be used to


Testimonials often include personal information relating to names, and demographics etc. If you are currently on our testimonials page and no longer wish to be featured on our testimonials page please contact us on:

You can alter your cookie preference by making adjustments in our cookie preference centre. This can be found in options or preferences menu adjustment. Cookies identify users of the site, and are used for security purposes.

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